The Transfer of Training to Action Is What Counts Most

The silhouette of a young person with colorful objects being funneled into their brain

If only learning were a simple matter of filling the brain with information. What really counts is not the amount of knowledge or skill one accumulates but how often and how proficiently one uses it.

In the workplace, we look for the transfer of training to the job to create different performance outcomes. And, in particular, we look for something called “learning agility” which is the ability to absorb new information and skills and then extrapolate them to navigate effectively in unfamiliar situations.

We find that learning agile workers are able to:

  1. Perform. They find patterns in complicated situations and can calmly and confidently maneuver through to thoughtful and effective action.
  2. Innovate. They are constantly challenging themselves to find new solutions and better ways of doing things.
  3. Take Smart Risks. They welcome a challenge even when there is no guarantee of success.
  4. Fail with Grace. They take responsibility for any failures and use them as learning opportunities. They reflect on how they could have acted differently.

Wouldn’t you want a “learning agile” person on your team?

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